2017 - now
The Price Per Square Inch series highlights the structured system used to value, and in turn, price the majority of paintings. I took the most ubiquitous means of pricing, the price sticker, and painted one (made entirely with acrylic paint) in each square inch on the surface of the work. The sticker price, representing the average market value for works by emerging artists in Canada, was calculated by sifting through recent auction catalogues (e.g. C Magazine, Art with Heart, Canadian Art and Mercer Union).


2016 - now
The Production Cost series focuses on the costs inherent to the creation of artworks. I took the pedestrian record of our daily lives, the receipt, as a means to document all of the elements that are intrinsic to the production of artworks, more specifically paintings. (e.g. the necessary materials, supplies and tools, the cost of labour and subsistence).